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Commission an artist

Our art students love oil painting and water color creation! If you would like to commission a painting, Please “book online.”

Picture and Comic Books

With millions of new books on Amazon and iBooks at Apple (Trademarks by Amazon and Apple) there is one way to stand out, and that is picture books and comic books, our specialty. 

Do you want a comic book?

  Comics are not just for super hero's any more.   They can be about any subject.

Do you want a Comic Book?

Steps to design your Comic Book:

First we outline and write your story. We can start with the story you already wrote, or have legal rights. (Comic books can also be used to teach any subject). Then we commence with sketches of your characters.  Delightful characters are key to success! We start putting it all together in a storyboard, with drawings and text. Then we will draw the comic book. Your review of each step is critical!

A comic or picture book could make a big difference in the digital and retail markets, compared to just books! You can’t just write another book with only text! A comic book, or a picture book, even, is light-years better than just words! Let our artists help you! This website helps you get a comic or picture book for a very reasonable price, and we help and supervise artists from the top art schools in the USA: including Boston, Massachusetts!